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Hey Marketers!

I love this short article by Rian van der Merwe: Hey Marketers, making a website is not about you. Sites should be useful and meet the needs of our users, not force or trick users to do something... Let’s respect our users and their needs. Let’s not treat them like puppets that need to be controlled. As Read More


This is a pretty sweet little repo. Animate.css is a collection of CSS animations, cross browser and ready to use. Easy to set up and easy to use - super quick way to add a little fun interest to your site or app. Animate.css   Read More

Learn CSS Layout

I just found this and I really wish this was around 5 years ago. This is a great tutorial on how to properly use CSS to layout your web designs. It's really pretty cool and I highly suggest ya'll check it out. Starts with the basics of CSS layout properties and continues to dive deeper. The UX is Read More

Nice Bootstrap Illustrator Template

Lets just say that you are UX designer and you use illustrator to do most of your hi-fidelity wire framing and mockups for your Bootstrap powered web application. You really want a Bootstrap template to make life easier but you really can't find one cause the ones that do exist are horrible. Well, now Read More

iOSsets: iOS assets ready for your designs

Aight, so this is just the first pass at this, but I have compiled icons and splash assets ready for your designs - iOSsets. So far, these iOS assets template files are just PSD files set to the correct sizes and named by their preferred Apple build names. This is just the beginning. I've got Read More

Designing for Empty States

In a recent Codrops article, Designing for Empty States, Craig Dennis breaks down the importance of design the empty states in our apps. Um, ya, this is kind of an important thing to consider - please consider it. Simply put he breaks it down into three areas that need some empty state attention in pretty Read More

Take a Tour with Joyride

One of the biggest challenges in UX is implementing new features in an app without completely freaking out users. Even just moving a submit button from the left side or the screen to the right can completely shock a user and make a user feel lost. Lost users are not good. Good usability considers Read More

UX Immersion 2013

Somebody should buy me a ticket to UX Immersion 2013 in Seattle, April 22-24th. Any takers? UX Immersion 2013 Conference This years UX Immersion is all about this new fan-dangled mobile design thing all the kids are raving about these days. It's packed full of incredibly awesome keynotes and Read More

Ratchet: Prototype iPhone Apps

I've been playing around with Ratchet a little bit lately and it's really a pretty nice little HTML/CSS prototype tool for iPhone. It's really simple to set up and use even if you aren't super familiar with HTML and CSS which makes it great for any mobile UX designer. Getting started it pretty simple, Read More