Rad tutorial on building a PhoneGap mobile application

I’ve been ‘lightly’ working with PhoneGap/Cordova for about 9 months now, ‘lightly’ meaning that I haven’t built an app from the ground up, but customizing and working with an already built PhoneGap based application. I’ve been working on an a simple idea that I have for a personal mobile app projects and I was researching JavaScript MVC’s and HTML templating plugins like Handlebars.js and Moustache.js then I stumbled upon this great tutorial about building a PhoneGap application from the ground up.

Most PhoneGap tutorials drop off right after you get PhoneGap installed and working…. good luck. But this tutorial is really detailed and outlines how to start with PhoneGap as well as how to architect your application and build your application using HTML templates and how to set up your HTML, JS and CSS.

Great tutorial if you are interested in getting started with building a PhoneGap mobile app… check it out —

Tutorial: Developing a PhoneGap Application by Christophe Coenraets

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