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9 Awesome HTML5 Audio and Video Tutorials

Trying to learn HTML5? Wanna embed your videos and audio using HTML5? Check out these great tutorials on how to use HTML5 to embed your videos. Each tutorial goes through the simple HTML5 code necessary and how to create fall backs for older browsers that don’t use HTML5. Happy embedding.

1 – Using HTML5 Video and Audio in Modern Browsers


2- How to Make Your Own Video Player On HTML5 Video


3 – HTML5 Audio and Video: What you Must Know


4 – Embed Audio and Video in HTML 5 Pages


5 – HTML5 – Audio & Video


6 – Comprehensive video tutorial on HTML5


7 – Degradable HTML5 audio and video Plugin


8 – How to incorporate video with HTML5


9 -Tutorial: Serving HTML5 Video Cross Browser (including iPad)


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